About Us


About Us

We are one of the best positioned companies on the Colombian Logistic sector. Our main goal is providing you solutions that expand your business in order to grow up together and learn side to side. Sedial was created more than 18 years ago in the Savannah of Bogota and today we are in charge of more than 90% of the country logistics. We are proud of our human capital. This allows us to reach the highest quality standards, and we assure the collective well-being of our partners and stakeholders.

Our History


Our Beginning

We started this project as a full challenge, taking advantage of the market needs

Accredited services

SEDIAL S.A.S. stands out for the continuous improvement and the right accreditation of its clients, meeting the requirements and standards that apply to the logistic operators.

Geographic Expansion

We started new logistics projects in the cities of: Barranquilla, Villavicencio, Cartagena and Bucaramanga.

Our equipment to the service of Corona and Matco:

We expanded our services including “ride-load” equipment, to satisfy our client’s needs.

Expansion and New Service

We opened the market in the cities of Medellin, Pereira and Monteria. Likewise, we started with the “on-load and off-load” service provision in the beverage sector.

Best Positioning

We increased our positioning in Bogota City, and for that year we ventured in the in-house logistic in the automotive sector, of original parts and spare parts.

Food sector

We continued to grow as a company and we opened our second logistic operation focused towards the food sector. Since then, we provided the whole service of the supply chain.

Chemical Industry Sector

We ventured with our storage service in the raw-material sector of the chemical industry. We got high standards of certified warehouse.

On-load and Off-load

We provided fluvial on-load and off-load services in the city of Magangué. We reached beyond!

We grow better each time

We committed to be the better day by day. We projected our organizational culture to the compliance of the management indicators. Side to side with our clients, we built the most profitable businesses, adapting ourselves to the required sector.

We are certified in the cleaning and disinfection services provision.

We are certified in the cleaning and disinfection services provision.
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